Apartments in Aruba


Here follows a list of the possibities at Aruba Reef Apartments …

  • Aruba Beach Apartments
  • Quant private beach at your fingertips.
  • Open ocean 2 tiny steps away, to relax, float, swim, snorkel, kayak or diving.
  • Two kayaks available to search for hidden treasures in the area.
  • A boat is also available for fishing, waterskiing, mermaid spotting, snorkeling trips, be creative and we'll make our utmost effort to comply.
  • Enjoy a unique snorkeling experience call the Garden of Eden, and experience you won't want to miss.
  • We also feature a Yoga and Meditation room, if you so feel inspired by your unique and peaceful surroundings.
  • One kilometer (0.6 Miles) into the ocean there is a coral reef you can swim or kayak to, where you can relax, bask in the sun, or explore this long stretch of wild coral life.

All of this at your own peaceful pace, in a quiet surrounding, accompanied by only a maximum of 8 other guests, since we only have 5 rooms to rent. So no line at the lounge chairs, no bumping into other kayaks, the only frenzy you’ll experience is all the fishes surrounding you whilst snorkeling coming to see, what Land had brought into their midst to gawk at.

Private beach in Aruba Diving en Aruba Kayak in Aruba Snorkeling in Aruba