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  • Spa del Sol
    A sense of serenity and wellbeing envelops you the moment you enter Spa del Sol. Its exotic Indonesian bamboo and teakwood decorated interior lends itself to an experience that will help transport you far from everyday worries to a feeling of extraordinary wellness. Spa del Sol offers a variety of services, with options included in packages and on an a la carte basis. Both men and women are graciously welcome.

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  • Fly-fishing in Aruba
    The goal of our website is to get more people interested in fly-fishing on the island and to get out as much information as possible. All your stories on the subject are welcome and our favorites will be added to the site. Through the stories shared on this site you will be informed of the best fly-fishing spots in Aruba, which are generally on the west side of the island. There are some beautiful flats here and you always have the winds in your back. The north side of the island is very hard to fish on because there are only a few reachable places, strong winds and rough water.

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    Official Aruba Tourism Authority website. Includes accommodations, shopping and dining guides, activities and events and other tourist travel information. Discover Aruba at

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